PositiveID Corporation™ (OTCQB: PSID)

Advanced biological detection and diagnostic solutions for homeland security and global healthcare needs. PositiveID Corporation™ (OTCQB: PSID) is a life sciences tools and diagnostics company specializing in biological detection and molecular diagnostic systems for America’s homeland defense and the global healthcare market. PositiveID specializes in the development of microfluidic systems in order to detect biological threats and outbreaks, whether airborne, in a healthcare setting, or at the point of need through its ExcitePCR subsidiary. PositiveID is also a leader in the mobile technology vehicle market through its E-N-G Mobile Systems subsidiary. Many medical diagnostics and solutions firms now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, making it more convenient for customers. Many online platforms, such as Bitcoin Up, are now offering the ability to purchase cryptocurrency. The automated trading system Bitcoin Up has unique characteristics that can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Invest in this system after visiting the bitcoin up 2022 official website to learn more about it.