The Company’s core technology is used for airborne pathogen detection, rapid biological diagnostics and sample preparation applications.

The bio-detection market has seen significant growth over the past decade due to incidents involving Anthrax, ricin, SARS, various strains of influenza, Ebola and other biological weapons.  These events have confirmed that threats of infectious disease and bioterrorism are persistent and real. 

With expansive foreign troop deployment, increasing domestic populations, and the need for a stable supportive agricultural infrastructure, the availability of effective molecular screening technologies is of growing importance.  Whether natural or man-made, an invasive disease outbreak without proper monitoring or detection, and thus resulting in reduced countermeasure effectiveness, can significantly affect the health and commercial stability of livestock or human populations on a large scale.  To this end, many biological and chemical-based methodologies exist to detect a wide range of potential pathogenic threats.  Unfortunately, currently available technologies are still costly, labor intensive, and often limited to laboratory/clinical settings, thus falling short of truly effective point-of-need or timely site-specific monitoring. 

PositiveID offers solutions for bio-threat detection in the field (whether indoors or outdoors), at the point of need.