E-N-G Mobile Systems

E-N-G provides specialty vehicle manufacturing for mobile labs, emergency response trailers, mobile command centers,TV news vans and trucks, and other special purpose vehicles.

E-N-G is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialized vehicles that are field friendly and field tough. Major applications include mobile TV broadcasting, microwave and satellite uplink trucks, emergency response vehicles, communications command and control, surveillance vans, mobile environmental, medical, dental, and health laboratories and clinics, mobile cellular phone vehicles, infrared testing, and many other applications. E-N-G also provides mobile analytical triage centers to insulate central labs from pandemic outbreaks.

Over the past 25 years, E-N-G Mobile Systems has pioneered numerous engineering and design breakthroughs for the mobile TV News industry, earning a reputation for innovation and creativity. Its product line was broadened to include vehicles for mobile laboratories as well as specialty mobile vehicles for testing of cellular telephone infrastructure and infrared testing applications. In addition, E-N-G has recently become a leader in developing and producing vehicles for Homeland Security applications.

E-N-G Mobile Systems is proud to be an innovative producer of a diverse line of mobile technology products. Its ability to take sophisticated, complex ideas, and translate them into user friendly, easy to operate mobile systems, is at the core of the company’s continued success.